Blow Dry and Length Check

By Naomi of

Wangeci has been natural for almost five years now. She hasn’t had a hair cut since she was one month old. Today we decided to do full hair stretch using a blow dry.

I shampooed her hair and followed up with conditioner, rinsed off thoroughly then dabbed with a cotton t-shirt (check wash routine post). I applied leave-in conditioner with a small amount of our oil mix and grape seed oil as a heat protectant – you can also use avocado, coconut or argan oils. I tied the hair in a puff as we headed to the salon . Wangeci had mixed feelings about going to the salon but she was proud of the results.

As we headed home, she whispered, ‘mummy that lady was very rough, she was pulling my head’. She vowed never to have her hair done at the salon again, declaring her mama the best hair stylist of them all . For me the experience was invariable because I would like to think that in future Wangeci will appreciate my labor of love.

Hair after wash.                                                                                    Hair Fully Blown Out

PhotoGrid_1406448311752     PhotoGrid_1406448080827

Length Check.

In December 2013, Wangeci ‘s hair was below shoulder blade (BSB).  On 25 July 2014, her hair is mid back length (MBL)



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