#AfricaDayNaturals: Celebrating Africa Freedom Day


On Monday the 25th May we commemorate Africa Freedom Day and ZedHair is going all out to really make it a celebration of Africa and what we love about this vast, vibrant, dynamic continent. Africa is not a country but despite our differences, we all share a special intangible bond. It’s not about the music we listen to, the way we dance or the food we eat. It’s a sense of community steeped in our rich culture and built on our shared struggle to attain freedom and prosper in our own unique way.

Here at ZedHair, we are immensely proud of our heritage and decided to reach out to other African natural hair bloggers across the continent and in the diaspora. We aim to get as many Africans as we can to speak positively about Africa at once.

So, how are we going to do this? Well, this is a call to action. We already have bloggers from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, Namibia and South Africa taking part in our Africa Freedom Day celebrations but we need more. All you need to do is:

  • Send us your photo (info@zedhair.com) or post a photo to social media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) tag @zedhairdotcom on Twitter.
  • Tell us which country you are from.
  • Use the hashtag #AfricaDayNaturals .
  • Complete this sentence, “I like being African because…..”
  • Tag your friends and invite them to join in.

Start sending your pictures in now and you’ll be featured on our blog and/or Facebook page. Pictures will be shared throughout the day on Monday 25th May.


Let’s help change the narrative. Your continent needs you!


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