Colour Me Natural

By Chiteu of

After months of back and forth with myself, loads of reading up and asking questions I finally decided to take the plunge and colour my hair!!!! well not all of it *not that brave yet* but I did dabble in some highlights. I have been toying with the idea for over 6 months, after being natural for 5 years I was itching to change my look, it was either big chop again, get a tapered cut or add a little colour…….

Now when you decide to add colour to natural hair you must be prepared to do double duty on the TLC, making sure your hair is moisturised otherwise you will have damage and breakage.

I am a little bit of a control freak or as I like to say I am a typical first born so I decided to do it myself from home so that in the event that something went wrong I would only have myself to blame ( It is more advisable to have it done professionally). So off I went to Game to purchase some hair colour. I decided to go with Dark ‘n’ Lovely Colour Intensity *yes the one they advertise on DSTV* in Radiant Copper. The week before I coloured my hair I prepped by deep conditioning and keeping my moisture regimen on point until my next wash day. I twisted the sections of hair i wanted highlighted, read the instructions and began. I waited the 20 mins as per instruction then rinsed out and deep conditioned and followed this up with  the LOC method. I thought it had worked but when I looked in the mirror my hair was still jet black!!!!!

I really didn’t want to use bleach on my hair which is usually what is applied to hair to lift the natural colour and allow the dye to attach to the hair strands, as it has seriously damaging effects *including weakening the hair* so I figured I would wait a few weeks then try again. So last week I again prepped my hair, sectioned out and applied. This time I waited longer than 20 mins and I couls finally see some colour. Its not very evident unless you stand next to me and I figured because my hair is naturally so dark I should have gone for Amber Blond but we will see how this colour develops as time goes by.

As a result of colouring my hair I am doing more moisturising deep conditioning with avocados, I have also included banana to my regimen and I am using honey more as well as doing hot oil treatments. The only thing I regret about doing this is the timing, Zambia is in its driest season and doing anything that compromises the moisture levels of your hair in this season should be a big no no. To combat this I am spriting twice a day as opposed to every other day and my spritz is 3 parts aloe vera juice to 1 part water for a moisture boost. As I write this I am in bantu knots which I plan to unravel tomorrow and cannot wait to see how it will look with the little streaks of colour :-)……bantu knot out results to follow……

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