Natural Spotlight: Mildred

Where in Africa are you from?
Where are you currently based?
When did you decide to go natural?
2012. installed my locs in August 2012
What has been your experience having natural hair so far?
Its been great. i hated going to the salon every other week and sitting under the dryer. I am not good at styling hair,so  i decided to lock it. have been wanting to loc my hair for years, but never had the courage to do it. Then my older sister introduced me to sister locs and i fell in love with them.
What is your hair regimen?
Im still experimenting, trying to figure out what works for my locs,so don’t have a particular regimen at the moment. 
 Before joining zedian naturals, i used to wash my hair with Head and shoulders, which helped with my dandruff.
 I’ve tried washing with Treseme natural shampoo, then condition with the TN and finally do an ACV rinse.
I wash my hair once a month, so the ACV rinse has really helped with the build up. Still have problems with dandruff so unfortunately I’ve gone back to washing with Head and Shoulders shampoo.
i then seal with a mix of grapeseed oil and sweet almond oil and spritz with a mix of water,olive oil and glycerine.
How did you achieve the hairstyle in these pictures? 
Newly installed locs

               Newly installed locs


wedding 1

Any future plans/dreams for your hair?
Finding the right products to achieve healthy and long locs.
Any advice to those considering going natural?
Patience is key.
Before considering doing sisterlocs, they should do a little research on their installation and maintenance. once you get them installed,they cant be easily uninstalled,so you have to be sure its something you really want to do. It also takes long for the installation and re tightening, so get ready to sit for hours. it takes a full day for my hair dresser to re tighten my locs, so patience is important.

2 responses to “Natural Spotlight: Mildred

  1. Mrs Chila! I loved how you wore your hair on your wedding Mildred. I will def wear my own hair on mine. Awesome feature! 🙂


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