Sibongile’s Return to ZedHair, Setback and the Road to Recovery…part two.



It has been a month already?

Okay…so to continue from this post concerning my setback, I am now on a mission to regain my fullness.

The plan?

Very simple.

Half an inch trim every three months, like clockwork.

My growth rate ranges from 0.25 inches to 0.5 inches per month.

So as at now I will be BSL (Bra Strap Length) for at least a year….honestly maybe even two years.

While this does push back my Waist Length goal, I am not too worried because I know that with discipline and gentle handling, I will definitely get there.

In a little more detail, my plan involves;

…two strand twist protective styles including RTP’s like the ones below for the occasional formal look.

SS challenge

Mz Tammy

…gentle handling and ONLY finger detangling

and lastly low manipulation meaning I need to leave my hair alone most of the week.

The last one is a toughie because I love to touch, play and sometimes unravel a twist and de-tangle randomly throughout the week so…that has to stop.

If you noticed, I didn’t mention products because the recovery is more so focused on technique rather than product. Don’t get get me wrong, products add some extra oomph but for now, the focus is more on the process.

As always ZedHair readers…

Loads of Hair Love,



9 responses to “Sibongile’s Return to ZedHair, Setback and the Road to Recovery…part two.

  1. sibongile i love love love your hair…went natural recently and struggling to to keep it in order…how do you do this?


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