Sibongile’s Return to ZedHair, Setback and the Road to Recovery…part one.


Guess who is back?

Back again…

Can I get an e-hug?

(((Group hug)))

I know, I know…it has been almost a year or so since my last ZedHair post.

Terrible…absolutely terrible.

I apologize.


Life has this thing of throwing all sorts of things, mostly great in my case, that can keep you crazy busy but now, I am committed to appearing more often than not.

Can I just say…I missed you though.

I really did.


A huge welcome to the new ZedHair readers… 5000 plus likes on Facebook? Totally awesome!!!

So now that we got that out of the way…so Sibongile, how is your natural hair doing? For the most part…it has been great…well…until the end of January 2014 that is.

It was a nice cool Saturday, the kids were chilling and the hubs was reading…all was well. I decided to give my kinks a good detangling session…with a comb.

*Record scratch*

Yes…I decided against my better judgment to use a seamless, wide tooth comb to detangle my hair. As I have shared before, since clocking 3 years natural in November of 2013, I have finger-detangled exclusively for the latter part of two of those years.

ZN comparison

Why? Simply due to the fact that I have mostly *fine, tightly **kinked of medium to high ***density  hair. So it is only natural that my hair breaks easily with the simplest handling that exceeds its ****tensile strength. Its kinkiness also increases the likelihood of the hair strands becoming entangled with each other or what I call, a single and free to mingle hair strand party in Tangle City. Tangles and knots can lead to breakage when handled roughly. So I prefer to use my fingers so that I feel the tangles and knots which a comb doesn’t afford me and will mostly likely snag knots that will break the hair with a simple comb through.

LC 4

Well…back to that day.

I did the necessary preparation which included a light spritzing of water for  a damp feel and good coat of Extra Virgin Olive Oil on my hair. I proceeded to finger detangle the ends followed by the comb working down to the roots.

After  several-I-can’t-believe-it-took-that-long hours, I did notice an increased number of hair strands on the comb but I quickly dismissed them as shed hair without checking for the bulb attachment. I continued my wash day like normal and flat twisted my hair to rock one of my favourite “out” styles for the Zedian Naturals Weekly Hair Challenge.

The following Tuesday morning, I unraveled my flat twist and curl and it felt…lighter. When I had flat twisted the hair, I made sure to use smaller perm rods in hopes of having tighter curls that were close to the scalp to give the illusion of a Deva Cut.

Faux Diva Cut

So while the Deva cut intended look was successful, the volume was missing and was pretty evident to me.  After the curls fell, I realized how much thinner my hair appeared. Taking a small sections at a time, I assessed the hair and realized that I had in fact had some significant breakage.

Honestly? My heart sunk. My hair type is the kind that needs extra handling and extra TLC in order to thrive especially if length retention is a priority. For the past three years, I had taken extra care and caution to make sure my hair well preserved with minimal wear and tear. It felt like one seemly harmless technique caused a significant setback in a matter of hours.


After accepting what had happened, I quickly cooed the hair into another hairstyle for the challenge and went to create a hair regimen to help me recover the fullness I knew my hair could achieve again.


That recovery plan will be shared in Part Deux…till then…

Loads of Hair Love,



*Fine refers to the diameter/size of the hair strand, the bigger the diameter, the thicker or coarser the hair strand is.

**Kinks are the multiple bends along each hair strand.

***Density is number of hair follicles on the scalp.

****Tensile strength is  maximum stress that a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before failing or breaking.


8 responses to “Sibongile’s Return to ZedHair, Setback and the Road to Recovery…part one.

  1. OMG!!!Let me first say this….YOUR HAIR!!!You need to be on youtube like yeaterday. Ok now that av gotten my fan moment out of the way I have also been experiencing some breakage lately, my hair seems to be knotting more and am not sure if its bcz its longer or its breakage from the extensions I just took out, am lost. How can I tackle my knots? Oh and what is your regimen?


    • Hey Kuni… *waves*
      Thank you for the compliment and I am on Youtube under ZedianChicChannel …I will be uploading videos sooner than later 🙂 So about your breakage, have you determined whether it is breakage or shed hair? What is your hair regimen like? Do you keep it stretched most of the time? I have shared an overview of my regimen this post, though my products have changed, I still maintain most, if not all, of the techniques shared in that post. I will be sharing my updated regimen in the near future once I am content with the results 🙂 The key for me to reduce knots is keep my hair moisturised and stretched, so I live in two strand twists most of the time…


      • Heya!! 🙂

        I noticed that when twisting the ends of my hair they are knotting up and breaking off onto my finger :/ …..I wear my hair out ALOT but this has never happened before so I am a little worried that my hair is breaking.

        Regimen in a nutshell:
        1. Pre-poo the night before and shampoo weekly
        2. Deep condition weekly (Yoghurt Mix)
        3. Use the Threading method to stretch.
        4. Detangle with a wide tooth comb mostly *hides* but I am trying to eliminate combs in my regimen and finger detangle instead.
        5. I re-twist my hair every night and add product if there is need for it.

        I guess I could try and minimise manipulating my hair but I am sooooo in love with it, and I have never had soft hair like I do now, lol….HELP!


  2. Woops forgot to mention that I lock in the moisture after deep conditioning with a leave-in, oil and butter/styler


    • Hey Kuni…
      Ahh… seeing as to how this wasn’t an issue before, with length and you wearing your hair “out” alot, it isn’t too surprising that your SSK (Single Strand Knots) have increased significantly. You may have to compromise a little especially if length retention and good ends are goals of yours. Try to rock a protective style most the week and maybe reward yourself with one or two out days after unraveling. That has worked very well for me and I managed to keep SSK to a minimum. I love wearing my hair out but I am aware that my kinky hair pays a higher price the longer I keep an out style. Prior to my de-tangling #Fail, SSK were and still are the major reasons behind any breakage I experienced. So tuck those ends in, after moisturising and sealing, and let them rest a bit more 😉 Let me know how it goes…

      Loads of Hair Love,



      • The temptation is REAL, lol…but I will definitely try out your suggestions and see how it goes. Today I have put it in braids and will only unravel them on Saturday before wash day on Sunday just to give it a break.
        Txs 🙂


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