Roll, Tuck and Pin Series : Textured Crown.

Happy New Year ZedHair readers *waves enthusiastically*,

My kick off post for ZedHair in 2013 will be the first in a series called Roll, Tuck and Pin. 
Most styles featured in this series are fairly simple to do, workfriendly updos which double as both stylish and protective.

So without further ado…the Textured Crown.

1.Start with a fresh twist out (shrunken or stretched)
2. Carefully put the band around your hairline and gently push it towards the crown from the nape.


3.If going for an angled look, push one side of band further than the other.
4.Pin the band in place in four places, back, front, left and right sides.
5.Once the band is pinned in place, grab a small section in front and roll it anti-clockwise.
6.Tuck the section toward the right and under the band.
7.Pin the section in place to secure it.
8.Repeat the roll, tuck and pin towards the middle of the back. Start on the left side in the opposite direction until the last section is rolled,tucked and pinned.

9.Spritz some moisture, apply some cream to your hairline and 
smooth the hair with your fingers.
10.Final Look.

Hair Tip : For shorter hair, use smaller sections and more pins to secure the hair.

Hope you find the picture tutorial helpful. If you have any questions, drop a comment below…

Loads of hair Love.


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