Brown Hair Don’t Care

I have off brown hair. My hair is such a crazy colour, it leaves many people shaking their heads.I love it though!
I’m your typical Bemba/ tonga girl, grew up in Ibex Hill Lusaka and went to school like any other little girl… but with the off brown hair.To be honest some summers in the October sun I was almost blond 🙂
2014-03-24 13.06.10 (1)
One of the earliest memories I have of a hair treatment was my mum trying to dye my hair black.Guess what? it never worked 🙂
Did that instill the thought that maybe my hair was not great the way it is? Maybe.
I went on to get my first relaxer when I was 9.That started the journey of relaxers, pink oil , grease, no length retention, etc
I decided to step out of the relaxer race when I just got tired of the cycle.
I was washing my hair with the colour indicator shampoo that comes with every relaxer kit.For some funny reason I could not stand the smell that day. I asked myself why do I do this.Like clockwork every month I have to relax my hair.I just decided to quit.
I didn’t big chop, I transitioned, keeping my hair braided and chopping off the weak relaxed ends. Watching the curly undergrowth grow longer and longer was strange but exciting.The more I moisturised it was softer than I expected!
In a way I was not prepared for how much hair I had, and how much I would love it!
I knew when it was relaxed getting it braided took forever, but in its natural state, I’m there all day!
In the beginning I had to try every product, try every technique which I think a lot of natural ladies do.This is one of the ways to get to know what works for you.
My hair is protein sensitive and is very very dry.I found out it was protein sensitive by jumping on the hair mayonnaise bandwagon and getting very different results from what other ladies were getting !
Its so dry I have to moisturise with conditioner. Is this because there is something I haven’t figured out? maybe, but it work wonders for me so I’ll stick with it.
Reading various hair blogs and watching endless hours of YouTube helped me a lot, but I had to get to know my hair for myself.this took time, but well worth it!
2013-08-21 13.05.22
I shampoo my hair about twice a month and mostly co wash. I live in Bonn Germany and definitely miss being able to walk into a market in Lusaka and get my hair braided in an affordable manner.
I use a pretty cheap drugstore moisturising shampoo and conditioner ( balea oil moisturising shampoo and conditioner), they work for me and I will stick with them 🙂
I’ve done some exploring with using what I have, Greek yogurt, honey, oil ( I’ll even use simple cooking oil) in deep conditioning and my hair loves it.
I’m learning to simply not mess with my hair too much with combing or touching it.I have not had my hair stretched with heat in a year and a half now but rely on braiding it to stretch it a little.Keeping it stretched helps keep it untangled as it is very very coily.
I’m keeping it simple sisters and loving my off brown hair! Now that i moisturise it properly..its not even that off brown anymore ❤
2013-04-26 15.54.53
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