Support ZedHair’s Girls Outreach Programme

We are now in 2014 and as we reflect on our natural hair journeys one of the things that comes to mind for many of us is that I wish I had learned all this information when I was younger. So we came up with an idea. Start younger.

ZedHair has decided to ‘adopt’ some girls from Kasisi Girls Secondary School which is located on the outskirts of the city. Kasisi Girls is a school run by the Dominican Sisters and is one of the top girls’ schools in the country. The school is next to the well known Kasisi Orphanage that takes in countless children in need of a home and care.

African threading is a staple style in most school age girls on the continent

African threading is a staple style in most school age girls on the continent

So, instead of a natural hair workshop on Saturday 25th January 2014, ZedHair will be headed to Kasisi Girls to talk about natural hair care. We have identified a simple but effective regimen that we think is appropriate for a boarding school setting. We wanted to meet with a group of Grade 8 pupils and some Grade 12 pupils as well. This is so that we start the young ones on the correct path to see them right through high school and so that we give those in the final year some much-needed information and guidance on how they can have great natural hair when they graduate and not feel that relaxing is the only option for a school leaver.

We will not only talk about natural hair care, but also goal setting, remaining focused in school careers and positive body image. We want to inspire and motivate the girls as well. For this reason, the school administration suggested we speak to the whole school, so we said “Okay”.

Our plan was to provide products to last the whole term for twenty (20) girls, but if we raise enough to buy more then well and good. The idea is to commit to these girls and provide them with products each term. We will return to the school in May and September for this same purpose.

Here is the Natural Hair Starter Pack:

  • x1 bottle of Tresemme Naturals Silicone-free Conditioner (750mls)
  • x1 tub of unrefined Shea Butter (500g)
  • x1 bottle of pure Coconut Oil (400ml)
  • x1 bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar (250ml)
  • x1 Spray Bottle (150ml)
  • x1 bottle of Honey (500ml)
  • x1 Satin Scarf

We will also give them some bottles of Tea Tree Essential Oil (10ml) and Grapeseed oil to share for making moisturising spritzes.

All of this is so far coming from our own pockets so we would really welcome other people coming on board to ensure we at least meet the targeted 20 girls for the Natural Hair Starter Pack. If you would like to make a cash or in-kind contribution, please email Also, if you would like to come along and support us in this outreach event, please let us know. As mentioned above, we want to talk about more than just natural hair. We will start off from Arcades Shopping Centre at 12:00 on Saturday 25th January.

Please save the date in your calendar – Saturday 25th January 2014.

3 responses to “Support ZedHair’s Girls Outreach Programme

  1. I love this! Ive been thinking along the same lines for my community in Cape Town but I never had a solid plan but you guys have inspired me to think harder about it and strategize. I was going to start at my Church then work my way out to the rest of the community. WELL DONE GUYS, all the best in your endeavours


    • Thank you so much for your kind words. We would love to hear from you about how your event turns out. I think jumping right in is the best way so that you figure things out as you go along.


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