Sibongile Featured on BGLH!

Excitement has dragged me away from my school books in order to share my feelings with everyone about seeing ZedHair contributor, Sibongile being featured on Black Girl with Long Hair. All naturalistas know that BGLH is THE top natural hair website/blog on this planet. Over the years we have been inspired by the many natural hair icons that are featured on the site every day. Once in a while you find a non-American being featured. However, no Zambians have ever been featured — until now!

Sibongile as seen on BGLH

Sibongile as seen on BGLH

I am trying to find an appropriate way of explaining how I feel, but I can’t. I will say that I first started ZedHair in August 2010. I didn’t post anything for several months as I was feeling overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start from in order to blog seriously. It was only after seeing a Malawian (Joy Kaunda) featured on BGLH in December 2010 that I gained motivation to actively blog again and officially launched in February 2011. Malawi and Zambia are neighbouring countries and in many respects share a common language and culture. If Joy could have such long and beautiful natural hair, then so could I. This drive came from wanting to prove to myself and others that an African born and bred person could have healthy natural hair. So it was with much pride and intense emotion that I viewed Sibongile’s article on BGLH — a first for Zambia and one of only a handful for East and Southern Africa. Click here for Angolan Elisa and Kenyan Nyachomba (of Kurly Kichana).

One Zambia, One Nation!

One Zambia, One Nation!

Our natural hair journeys are individual and different, but we also cannot dismiss the fact that many of us need some sort of motivation and inspiration to help us along our natural hair journeys. So without further ado, please head over to Black Girl with Long Hair to read all about 4C Natural Hair Style Icon Sibongile.

Sibongile's Bantu Knot Out

Sibongile’s Bantu Knot Out


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