‘It’s Natural’

In December 2009, I bade farewell to my dreadlocks and went for the BC (Big Chop). When I first grew my dreadlocks in September 2004, I also opted for the BC rather than transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. This time, the BC was for a couple of reasons. I wanted to get back to basics and be re-introduced to my hair, getting to know it again gradually. Secondly, I set myself a challenge:

1. Is it possible to have natural hair in Zambia and look good?

2. Can I wear my hair in its natural state, without a wig, weave or extensions?

I started off with a TWA (teeny weeny afro). This was also an easy style to rock for a few months while I figured out what to do with my hair. The longer my hair grew, the harder it was to keep my TWA neat and tidy. I had to figure out ways and means of styling it natural. I took about four months out by braiding my hair with extensions. This was to let it grow, and to do some more research.

Around about this time (August 2010), I started a personal blog and decided that I should blog about my hair too. this was before I even read the hundreds of blogs out there. I knew that not many people in Zambia and Africa have reliable internet access, nor do they have high speed connections, nor do they have a computer based job that enables me to sit online all day everyday. So I decided to compile as much information as I could in one place. I also decided to document my natural journey so that as I learn, other people learn too.

This is me in December 2010. The first time I ever wore a ‘fro’ outside of the house

Welcome to It’s Natural! Tambokenu. Mwaiseni. Takulandirani. Karibuni.


4 responses to “‘It’s Natural’

  1. Interesting blog. Have read the hair stories posted so far. Masuka I congratulate you on your boldness and stepping out to embrace your natural hair. It is possible to wear natural African hair anywhere in the world including Zambia and still look good. It is the mindset that tells one that you are not looking good.


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