Dos and Don’ts of Hair Extensions

Length retention typically happens with the help of some form of protective styling and a lot of women use extensions as their protective style. Extensions can vary from the yarn used in the box braids to various kinds of human hair attached to hair through wigs or weaves. However without the right type of care, the use of extensions may not be as beneficial as one would hope. Here are a few pointers on hair extensions, what to get and how to care for it.

 I LOVE big hair and sported this weave a little over a year ago.
Synthetic versus Human Hair 
In the past most bloggers and hair experts advised human hair over synthetic hair because human hair was more natural looking and the synthetic hair, well, it looked synthetic, it was hard to manage, not long-lasting and typically impossible to style differently. However, as can be expected, synthetic hair has come along way and as one who has used synthetic weaves and human hair weaves, my favorite extensions are a blend of human hair and synthetic, or a synthetic protein hair, which can actually withstand heat and be styled differently. In fact, they can take temperatures higher than what I use in my hair on the rare occasion that I use heat.

Don’t be afraid to spend money for quality.
It used to be that you had to spend hundreds of dollars to get good hair extensions. But again as the synthetic hair has gotten better and there is even more variation/options in the human hair market, you can get great extensions at an affordable price, but I would caution against going for the cheapest options. The best way to make a decision? I like to research the hairstyles and extension options online and when I find one that looks right, then I Google the name and brand with the word review after it, to see what others think about it or their experiences with it. Often times, there is a YouTube video, which is great because then I can see what it looks like on a non-Photoshopped person as their head moves and life happens. You can get good extensions for about $50-100, and on eBay maybe even as low as $20 for a good wig). Don’t get me wrong the really great extensions still cost a big chunk of change, but you can look fantastic with extensions without breaking the bank.

Wash your extensions before you use them.
Some extensions are prepared with chemicals that can irritate your scalp. It’s recommended that you wash the extensions before using. I usually like to wash my extensions a day or two before I plan to use them. Masuka mentioned that when she has box braids or twists she likes to rinse them right after the braids are done. This washes out the chemicals and relieves the tension of the braid (I am going to try this the next time I have braids done). I usually fill my bathroom sink with warm water, add a little shampoo and conditioner and swish the extensions around in the mixture then I rinse them out and let them dry. I leave my weaves in the bundles, to avoid tangles and mess.

I will refrain from telling anyone what color or length their extensions should be because  darlings, do you and let the world deal with it.


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