The First Ever Natural Hair Meet-up in Zambia

So excited to share the latest updates about the ZedHair Natural Hair Meet-up. We have been planning this event for quite some time and announced it in January. You will notice from the  picture above that we are calling it a hair show. This is because outside of the natural hair community, I kept getting a blank stare when I used the term ‘meet-up’.

“A what?” A meet-up.
“What do you mean a meet-up?” It’s where people meet-up to talk about natural hair, share ideas and so on.
“Oh, so you mean it’s a conference?” Kind of. More like a work-shop, maybe.
“Oh, ok. So why don’t you just call it what it is, instead of a ‘meet-up’?” Ok, fine then. We’ll call it a hair show. Happy?
“I’m not the one organising. You can call it what you like.” Huh???

Date: Saturday, 6th April 2013
Venue: The New Government Complex in Kamwala, next to the museum/Freedom statue
Time: 08:30 – 16:30
Cost: K100

Tickets: You can buy tickets all over the city of Lusaka. As of today, here are the ticket selling outlets:

NC Hair Studio – Golden Bridge Hotel, on Great East Road, opposite ZECSO
The Zambian Travellers Shop – Shop No. 39, Upper Level, Makeni Mall
SureSlim Zambia – No. 5 Omelo Mumba Road, Rhodespark
Kutowa Designs – Wild Orchid, Plot 4178 Nangwenya Road, Long Acres

So, what can you expect from the show? So much.

At the ZedHair Natural Hair Show, you can learn about healthy hair care whether your hair is natural, relaxed or locked:
– Choosing the right products for your hair
– How to properly moisturise your hair
– Children’s hair care
– Natural hair for the work place
– Recovering a damaged hair line

– Healthy weaving and braiding practices
– What to do about dandruff and other scalp conditions

Plus, we’ll have practical styling demonstrations AND a hair care quiz.

All participants will walk away with a DVD containing all presentations as well as useful information, videos and links to where you can go for more information.

Lots of free giveaways and prizes. Books, books and more books. Satin scarves, bonnets and pillow cases. We even have hair donuts to help you achieve that perfect bun. 

We will have vendors at the show who will be selling various hair products and styling tools. 

The latest in afrocentric fashion and accessories will also be on display from some of Zambia’s leading design houses.

To help with the practical styling demonstrations, we are also looking for natural hair models. We want people of all ages, gender, hair length and hair type. So, if you have natural hair and would like to be a a hair model, please inbox us on Facebook so that you can attend a casting session.

We will also take time to tell you about the amazing sponsors who have partnered with us to stage the show and ensure that ticket costs were kept as low as possible to enable as many people as possible to attend.

Please join the event on Facebook in order to stay up to date with the latest news. Follow us on Twitter as well. the hashtag is #ZedHairShow.



7 responses to “The First Ever Natural Hair Meet-up in Zambia

  1. I want to go but I have relaxed hair. I'm on a hair journey to try and grow my relaxed hair though. Was also hoping I could get my mum to transition. She really has no idea how to look after her relaxed hair.


  2. You are more than welcome to attend even as a relaxed hair person. Although I'm a ZedHair writer, I'm also relaxed but in learning how to adopt healthier practices for my hair, I've actually wound up using a lot of tips and advice from natural hair blogs and videos. I would have loved to have been at the meet-up but I live on a different continent and just can't make it work. All this to say, we'd love to see you and your mom at the meet-up.-iNky


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  4. I recently moved to zambia (I am part Zambian) from the UK and it is amazing to see sites and initiatives like this in Zambia. I am natural and growing it and I managed to find Ayurveda products in Lusaka. I will pop by the event time.permitting but I just wanted to express my joy at finding this website.


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