Style Guide – Failed Wash ‘n’ Go

This started out as an attempt to do Naptural85’s Winter Wash ‘n’ Go. However, half way through, I realised that my hair is too short for this to work and my shrinkage just won’t allow it anyway. So, I had to improvise. I am yet to come up with a name for this, so for now, it is still a failed winter Wash n Go (WnG).

Here is the video from Naptural85. She has gorgeous hair and her videos are clear and to the point. No rambling with this lady – thankfully:

I followed the steps which are to:

  • Section your hair into 6 – 10 big twists and apply conditioner
  • Step in the shower to rinse out the conditioner and detangle
  • Air dry your twists

At this point, I realised this style would not work on my hair. Still, I dried my hair with a t-shirt, applied leave-in and sealed with shea butter and put my hair in 8 twists. I decided to secure the base of the twists with an ouchless hair tie to stretch the roots a bit more.

I do own a hairdryer. If you are wondering why I didn’t use it, it’s because I prefer NOT to use heat on my hair. In fact, it only happens at the hair salon when I need to blow dry my hair for braiding or another style. This is because they can’t afford to have customers sitting in there air drying their hair. This is why I try as much as possible to only use heat occasionally.

The next steps are to:
  • Sleep with your large twists covered with a satin bonnet or scarf
  • In the morning, undo the twists and lightly separate the hair

That is basically it.

However, while my hair did look ok, the curls were not very well defined and the shrinkage pulled it right back up. You really need longer hair to pull this off.

My hairline just didn’t look right as it was too poofy. So, I decided to improvise and got out my eco styler gel and slicked down the front. I already had a centre part, so decided to keep that and put on a hair band for an Afro puff. I secured the front of my hair with a satin scarf and put it on as I was getting dressed and ready for work. 

The 45 mins (15 to get ready and 30 to drive to the office), is enough time to enable my hair to set. I often do this when I spritz or repair my twists in the morning. The scarf helps to smooth the hair down and 30 minutes is usually enough to hold it in place and secure it.
This is me in the car, having just arrived at the office with Vanessa (my faithful Toyota Corona Premio)

The view from the top
The view from the back

What I love about taking pictures is that I am able to see where I went wrong. Usually, the pictures come after I have already been in meetings etc, but it is good for future reference. In this one, I can see that some twists were not properly separated and are not so defined. Lessons for next time.

I think I can call this style a Twist Out Afro Puff.



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