Help us Plan the ZedHair Meet-up in Lusaka

We are having a natural hair meet-up on Saturday, 6th April 2013.

Some of you may be wondering what on earth a natural hair meet-up is.

Natural Hairspiration Ms Mahogany Boisseau
A natural hair meet-up is basically a gathering where people meet to talk, learn and share about natural hair. 
  • We plan to give out information about natural hair. 
  • We will talk about how to have healthy and strong hair that is in good condition. 
  • We will de-bunk some of the many many myths and misconceptions about natural hair that exist.
  • We will have demonstrations of different hair styles, methods and tools that once can use to care for natural hair.
  • We will also have practical product information about what works and doesn’t work for natural hair.

As far as we are aware, there is no planned apocalypse in 2013 (Jesus said no one knows the day or the hour or did you miss that Sunday School lesson) – anyway, the point is just to say we will probably not cover every single thing in this first meet-up and so other topics like children’s natural hair care, dreads etc can come later years or even in another meet-up this year. We will resist the pressure to be all things to all women in a few hours. It’s just not possible.
Lastly, this is about natural hair without apology or excuse. So if you want to attend a function about relaxed hair, this is NOT that event. But you are welcome to organise a relaxed hair event for yourself and ZedHair will be more than happy to chat with you on phone to give you a few tips about planning.
Coming back to our request for help; this is our first shot at planning a meet-up and we would like it to be as successful as possible.
What kind of meet-up would you like to see in Lusaka. Is there are particular venue you have in mind? Would you be willing to pay, and if so, how much? What do you expect to get out of the meet-up?
If you have attended a meet-up before or if you would like to attend this one, please comment here or on Facebook or email us with suggestions and ideas. We would love to learn from other peoples’ experiences  especially our sistren here on the continent. And even if you haven’t, we still want to hear from you. 
If you live in Lusaka and would be interested in helping out, please email or inbox us on Facebook with your contact details and information on where you can be of assistance.

Email –

Wherever you are in the world, if you will be in Lusaka on this day, you are welcome to join us. Stay tuned to ZedHair for more details as the weeks go by.

p.s. This is the first natural hair meet-up in Zambia, so it’s a pretty big deal.



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