Too much moisture??? Surely that is not possible….


So I’d read some blogs about some different moisturization techniques that could help with length retention and keep hair healthy. Life got busy, they seemed easy and I fell into the trap of washing my hair, wet/damp bunning it almost immediately, wearing buns all the time as my protective style and the baggying once or twice a week.

Just so we’re clear…

wet/damp bunning = I’d wash my hair in the morning before work, pat it lightly with a towel to remove excess water, then I’d let it air dry while I got dressed and did everything else ready for work, if it still felt too damp, I’d let it air dry while driving to work and then once I parked, put my hair into a bun and head in to work.

wearing buns all the time = a bun is considered a protective style because your ends are not exposed  to the elements and they are tucked in ‘safe.’ Now, I didn’t wear my buns tightly because I had over-killed on ponytails before and destroyed my hairline. That didn’t matter as wearing my hair in buns still took a toll on my hair line and I saw some breakage there.

baggying/bagging = the act of putting a shower cap on your hair and sitting with it on for a while, sometimes overnight. Those that do this well, may even use some oils or moisturizing lotions as a part of their baggying routine (I was not one of those, I slapped on the shower cap and called it good).

I was moisturizing my hair every day, and I was chuffed with myself because I thought I was doing good. The problem was, I was over-moisturizing my hair and not letting my hair dry out. After a while I noticed that my hair was limp and stringy, it just seemed rather lifeless. I knew immediately what I had done, I immediately googled “over-moisturized black hair” and saw that I needed to balance my hair regimen by adding more protein and easing up on  the moisture.

Since then I’ve done a protein treatment every week followed by a deep conditioner, it’s all about balance. My hair isn’t fixed yet but its getting better.

So, I’ll be posting more on signs of over-moisturized hair and what to do about it.


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