Breast Cancer Awareness – How to do a Breast Self-Examination

October is Breast Cancer awareness month. As with all serious illnesses, early detection is the key. If more women got into the habit of performing a monthly breast self-exam eight days into your monthly cycle (that’s about a week from the first day of your monthly period), then we would be able to save more lives due to early detection and early treatment.

Source – Pink Ribbon International

I have been searching for a good image on how to do a breast self-exam all month and I have finally found one. Thanks to the girls at Fro Chic, our sister natural hair blog in South Africa, for finding it for me.

Source – Summit Medical Group

Share this with all the women in your life, especially ALL those aged 35 years and older. All women above 35 should be having a mammogram annually. But, 12 months may be too long to wait to detect a problem, so a monthly breast self-exam is an essential practice to develop.



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