Natural Spotlight: Hadiatu

Where in Africa are you from?

Sierra Leone.

When did you decide to go natural?

In 2006, because I no longer wanted to pay to get my hair braided and I also didn’t want to go to the salon only to sweat my perm out when I worked out.

What has been your experience having natural hair so far?

I love it. Everyone says that my hair fits my personality. If I want to change it up, its pretty easy to do so.

What is your hair regimen?

Yikes I am not the model for hair care lol. I two strand twist my hair when I want to. I don’t use a lot of product I just try to moisturize it with a conditioner.

How did you achieve the hairstyle in these pictures?

I two strand twisted my hair and then took the twist out a couple hours later. The other pictures are of me with my Afro simply picked out :).

Any future plans/dreams for your hair?

I want to actually get in a regimen with my hair so it can get big and wild :). I need to go to a salon once a month for some deep conditioning as I know it will make it much healthier.

Any advice to those considering going natural?

If you are considering it, I say just do it! I know that sounds cliche but I really feel that. It’s only hair. If it looks bad get a wig or get braid until it grows to a length that you are comfortable with.


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