Hairspiration: Folake Huntoon

I won’t lie, I envision myself a bit of a closet stylist. It physically pains me when I see people not looking as well as they can. I love fashion and style and so it made sense that I stumbled on Folake Huntoon’s StylePantry website and subsequently spend many hours poring over photos of this savvy dresser (I secretly pray that whenever she cleans out her closet she sends me some of her awesome stuff :-)). I mean the woman looks amazing, her accessories are always to die for, AND THAT HAIR!?!?!?! Can we just spend a moment admiring that fabulous halo of hair that she so easily rocks? Yes, we can! Folake is orignially from Nigeria and is now in Cali as a stylist to the stars, apparel designer and a general purveyor of stylish excellence and inspiration. This week’s inspiration is the one and only, Folake Huntoon.

I must stop. I could do this all day. Folake posts a new picture every day and they are all awesome. All of the pictures are from and there is many more there.


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