Mistakes we make

To stay consistent in my hair journey I’ve had to confront bad habit and pitfalls, which I’d like to share.

Not paying attention

If you pay attention to how your hair responds to various techniques, products and weather changes it’s easier to course correct and avoid damage. My most recent example of this is how my natural hair does not like wash-and-go styles. I thought the look was cute and made morning styling a breeze, but the knots that came as a result were a killer! At first I thought it was just because my hair is super kinky until I did some research on how to minimize knotting and found my wash-and-go styling was the culprit. Course correction and voilà!

Letting others dictate

I think it’s fair to say we’ve all experienced the bully hair stylist or the know-it-all family members who know exactly what YOUR hair needs. While some of these people may be well intentioned, you need to be keenly aware of what your hair needs. This is why helps to do your own research and pay attention to what your hair is telling you. Otherwise it’s easy to take other people’s dictates as the truth and ignore your own common sense.
Joining bandwagons

As a regular visitor to various hair boards, I have seen the never-ending stream of “new hair techniques” touted as the latest and greatest to achieve maximum hair growth, retention of length, etc. Avoid these by all means.
There is no “one size fits all” technique as we all have unique hair needs. Assess your current needs. Example:  Is your hair drier than normal? Then perhaps using a different moisturizer or conditioner could be the answer.

Ditching products and regimen that work

This one ties in with “bandwagoning” above. If you have a system that works, don’t be hasty in ditching it for something others are touting as the “be-all and end-all.” In my experience this causes unnecessary anxiety and I’ve spent money that will never be recouped on products that made no real difference over what I was using before.

Product typing

For the longest time I only used products that were marketed as “for black hair.” My thinking was these products had the specialingredients needed to keep my hair as healthy as possible. This changed when I started reading and understanding labels. As well as talking with my hair stylist at the time.

I started looking at products that fit my needs regardless of how they are marketed. This applies to my shampoos, conditioners and leave-ins. This resolved my resentment at the once limited options available in my local drugstores and hair supply.

If you keep these tips in mind, this will help minimise frustration and possibly save you time and money. Above all, understand your hair needs and come up with strategies that help you meet your goals. Keep it simple and consistent!

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