3in6? Challenge Accepted!

I have decided to take up the 3in6 challenge at Healthy Hair And Body. This is basically a challenge to grow 2 to 3 inches in six months through healthy hair care practices and also a healthy body.

The healthy body aspect means eating your fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water and taking multivitamins (if you wish).

The healthy hair care aspect means no direct heat, wearing your hair in twists and braids most of the time and absolutely no trimming.
Check out more information about the 3in6 challenge here:
HEALTHY HAIR and BODY: 3in6 is Back!:

The challenge runs for six months from 1st January to 1st July 2012. To get ready properly, read the 3in6 Week 1 Preparatory Post on trimming:



2 responses to “3in6? Challenge Accepted!

  1. I just found your site on a friend's blog, and am so happy that I did. I've already sent this post to a friend, who's on a natural journey, and we're taking up the challenge. Thanks!


  2. Great. The more the merrier. We all stand to learn a lot from Loo at Healthy Hair and Body. I followed what she did last year and just felt that I had to take up the challenge this year


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