Best Hair Advice Ever – Detangling

The detangling comb has become my best friend over the last two years. I cannot believe how rough I used to be with my hair. Actually, I can, because I still experience it everyone time I go somewhere to get my hair done. Being gentler and more patient with my hair means that I spend far less time combing it than I did before and it is also far less painful. In fact, it is almost pain free.

Finger combing my hair before washing and then washing it in four sections and detangling it while I wash cuts down on so much time and is very effective.


6 responses to “Best Hair Advice Ever – Detangling

  1. I just realized that I haven't put a comb in my hair for the last 2 months at least. Funny, the more I learn about my hair, the less I am willing to traumatize it. I went from detangling with a comb to using just my fingers and my hair still looks fine.


  2. I think you are very right. I find that detangling with your fingers is more effective and gentle on your hair. But, it is something that most of us have to learn to do as we are so used to combs. So, in my two year journey I learned to appreciate the wide tooth comb and eventually learned to use it less and less.


  3. So excited to find another hair blog, especially one based in Zed. How is the natural hair scene in Lusaka? The detangling with fingers is the best thing I ever did for my natural hair.I will definitely be sending the link to all my friends. Congratulations from a fellow Zambian.


  4. @Zedian Chic, would you believe when I started this blog I had failed to find other other African bloggers out there, then I find they are all over, especially in West and East Africa. The movement is growing here in southern Africa too. Baby steps, but we are getting there. Most of it is battling our own ignorance and lack of information


  5. @Masuka, I know it's amazing right? At the beginning of the year I searched for some African bloggers and couldn't find any too. I love your blog, it is bookmarked and I look out for new posts every day since I found it. I am so proud of it and happy for you. As for the movement, we just have to change the mindset of people one mind at a time. The best proof is you because once they see your hair thriving, they start asking questions. I love explaining the wonders of our hair. 🙂


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