Twist-out Fro-Coiffure

For those of you that remember the Natural Spotlight on Towani, you will recall that she sported a style known as the fro-coiffure. Recently, I decided to give it a shot with a twist-out. My experience with twist-outs has been bitterly disappointing. The reality is that my hair is just not long enough to look the way I want it to. It may also be true that the style I envy on other blogs and YouTubers may just not work for my hair. This kind of reality is one of the hardest things for many of us to accept — that our hair is just plain different and doesn’t work the same way as the next person’s.
I undid the twists and because the twisted-out hair didn’t look the way I wanted it to, I had to find something else to do with my hair. As noted in my Two Strand Twist Update, I had my hair twisted at a salon where they messed up my hair by braiding it at the base and then twisting it. They also made them way too small. However, due to pressure of work, I had no time to do my hair myself and from the salon, I went home to collect my bags and then headed for the airport. With the busyness of the trip, I didn’t have a chance to take them down and re-do my hair myself. So, when I came back I rued the day, some two weeks previously, when I had entered that salon. My hair was a tangled mess. Anyway, I had to do something and this is what I came up with.
Because the twists had been done so small, everyone, including my won sister thought they were thin dreadlocks. When I examined it in a mirror, I had no choice but to agree. My hair looked like dreadlocks. I had seen a few videos on flat twisting, so this is my crude version of a flat twists on the back of my head.
In this picture, you can see that I did the flat-twists from one side to the other and pinned the end of the flat-twists on the top of my head.
In this picture, you can see the free flowing part of my hair. I broke up the twists here so that my hair would be more Afro-like. I did this be separating the strands. I added more to this everyday as part of my detangling process. It was a real mess, but i tried to do my best to rescue the remnants of that ill-fated two strand twist.

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