Protective Hairstyle Challenge: Update #2

I’m having a hard time remembering how many updates I’ve had, but I think it’s just the one so far.

So….I mentioned last time that I had some very simple cornrows/plaits put in which were okay but by no means great. Last weekend for the wedding, I wasn’t able to put something together in time and so I caved and went the wash and set route. Continuing confession, I also used heat in my hair. Now I should mention that the flat iron did not get very hot, and the hairdresser was using so much force to pull this warm iron through my hair, I was surprised she thought she could style it– I wound up having to put it into an updo once I got home. One of the things I absolutely hate about traveling (Now understand that I love to travel and as such there’s very little that I as much as dislike about traveling!), especially now that I’m trying to do better by my hair is, that on the road I do not have my full arsenal of hair products at my disposal. I am at the mercy of the little I carry and whatever the market offers- not fun! It was interesting watching this woman work because once she was done, I could tell just by looking that air-drying my hair would have got me straighter and smoother results.

Anyway, it’s now the middle of week two and I have a Fulani hairstyle in. It’s very traditional and surprised everybody that saw it. I had 1 of 2 responses, they either just absolutely loved it or they thought it was cool but perhaps suited to the American culture and were afraid that with this hair, negative stereotypes would be attached to me. I didn’t care. I did end up having to edit it slightly, because the hairbraider had used extensions underneath my cornrow/plaits to give them added elevation and a greater effect. However these extensions were not letting my head breathe in the humidity of the Nigerian rainy season, so I took out the big braids and remixed my hair. I actually much prefer the new style and it is less obnoxious than the old.

I have 2-3 more days with this style and then I have to figure out what I’ll do next. I’m thinking I’ll go the thread style route. I have seen some pretty cool thread styles that I have not been able to photograph for varied reasons but I’m most certainly collecting pictures of my hairstyles and those’ll be posted in the future! I’m going to go stock up on ibuprofen for the thread, boy can those ladies pull. My mother used to do thread for me when I was little, maybe she’ll do it again, if I ask nice or get my sister to ask for me ;-)! I’ll probably keep the thread in for 2 week, we’ll see…


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