Hairspiration: Monik Tenday

Monik Tenday reminds me of my early years in Zambia. I am not even kidding. This woman’s music stirs up all sorts of nostalgic sentiment in me. She has a sound that stays true to many of the fundamentals of African music: call and response, an active “speaking” drum, repetition (you know what I am talking about!), a raw simplicity that envelopes the listener, and danceability. Monik is featured as this week’s hairspiration because first of all, she has got quite the fashion sense, style is something she does with ease but also because along with great style, this tres beau fille also rocks the protective hairstyle. I can’t tell you whether she’s protecting natural hair or relaxed, my inclination is relaxed but that doesn’t matter, Monik shows how to wear long braids and an afro weave and look fabulous at the same time.

All pictures from Monik Tenday’s Myspace page.


I threw this video into today’s post because it reminded me of the Zambian Agricultural Shows that were held in Lusaka once a year. The Agric Show was a big event and as a young ‘un, it was the place to be over a certain 4 days every August. When I went with my friends we would sneak away from the parentals, to try and get into the shabeen (read: drinking establishments that played loud music and allowed dancing). Back in the days when Tshala Muana was blasting from every battery-powered radio.

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