Stressed Out!

I admit, I take the absolute worst care of my hair when I am stressed out. This tends to be because I feel that everything must be taken care of and are of a greater priority than dealing with my hair. Recently I’ve had some major work and school and personal deadlines converge, all the while having to deal with increasing personal pressures. I’ve spent the last two nights in the hospital with a sick friend, gone from the hospital to work, worked till late and then made it back to the hospital for another night shift. In the brief blink of time that I have while at home, I can not stop and give my hair the attention that it probably needs. On many blogs, people talk about the need to baby your hair and really take the time out to care for and nurture your hair. I guess my question is, how’s the best way to do that while life is coming at you at full speed. I guess we must all make our own decisions on how best to deal with these challenges. For me, that has meant that my hair has been pulled out out of my face into a single French braid with a hair band keeping the strays away– Protective hairstyles are key for such scenarios. I have slept with my backpack as a pillow, often working through the night and my silk scarf of super protection is nowhere to be found. At the end of the day, life happens and that’s really all I have…


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