Hair Tactics

A quick refresher…
I have relaxed hair– it’s a decision rooted in convenience for me. However I am working towards better and healthier and more natural management of my hair.
I used to relax my hair every month because I felt I needed it that often. However last year as I underwent a gentle reset of my hair mentality, I began to see if I could go longer between relaxers, by the end of last year I was up to 2 months between (not that great I know!). Anyway, I had braids in all January and when I took them out I did a little re-touch. Since then I hadn’t relaxed my hair, all year and it has been quite the challenge. Four months of new growth, did not accommodate my 5 mins style and dash routine. I had to spend more time in french braids and protective styles.
Hair Strategery (intentional “tiola” there)
The initial plan was to stay away from relaxers till July. However, as I mentioned before I am travelling to Nigeria this summer and I am super excited to try a bunch of protective styles while I am there. Now if I had relaxed just before I traveled then I’m not sure it would be the best plan to submerge my hair into the world of braiding and thread and weaves immediately. Plus, if I have some new growth then I can more easily convince my mother to finance pricier protective styles over just a wash and set.
So last week I decided to relax my hair. I was unbelievably nervous about something I’ve done a number of times. However I did put in a leave-in deep conditioner two nights before and then also made sure that my hair was properly detangled before the relaxer went it. I am not lying when I say, I saw only 1 hair in the tub once I was done washing my hair, washing out the relaxer and then I proceeded to overkill with a strengthening keratin treatment followed by a deep conditioner.
What struck me about all this, is the need to plan out hair care. Because it’s part of daily life, its easy to not plan through hair care and treatment. However, EVERY hair blog talks about having hair goals and objectives and the take home point is that it is important to think through what you want for and from your hair and to plan accordingly.
So because I want to grow my hair, reduce chemical and heat exposure, here are some new goals for me. Borrowed from a Kenyan natural hair blog, Kurly Kichana aka The Natural Girl’s Guide to Beauty, I have decided to embark on a 16-week protective style challenge (July-October). Now, I suffer from major HIHS and so this will be very hard and so I’m going to try and keep it interesting and funky so that I can last through this.
Because I have more options in Nigeria, the following are some of the hairstyles I want to try:
1. As previously mentioned, thread
2. A Fulani style braided hairstyle
3. A massive Afro weave (it just needs to happen!!!)
4. Extra long twists
5. Box braids (maybe shelved for when I come back as I can do these myself)
…That’s all I can think of for now. I’ll let you know if more come to mind.
As much as I can, pictures and documentation will be provided.

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