Out and About: Bantu Knot… and Knot out

Inspired by our recent post on bantu knots, I decided last Tuesday night to put bantu knots into my hair and kept them in till this morning (5 days of knots!). Now as cool, and ethnic as those things look, they are not fun to sleep in – AT ALL!!! The little knots just kept pushing into my head and I think the first two nights I slept on my cheek on my forearm, just to keep from torturing myself.
Anyhow after taking out the bantu knots and finger-combing my hair, I got this sweet little afro action going, and so here are the pictures!
Bantu Knots!

Fact: I can not put straight lines into the back of my head even if my life depended on it!

Bantu Knot-Out!

I can not tell a lie, I am absolutely loving this cute afro action!! What you can’t see is that I am wearing my super wide-leg trousers and just oozing a sweet seventies vibe. So, yeah hair!


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