Hairspiration: Asa

O Asa (pronounced “asha”), how I love thee, let me count the ways. To say that I love Asa’s music is putting it mildly, she sings to the core of my soul and is definitely one of those singers that sings for the ears and not the eyes. Even more so, she sings for the heart. I am so very excited for the new record, Beautiful Imperfection! Love the new song, Be My Man and I love all the songs off of her old self-titled album, Asa. Asa hails from Nigeria, and boy does she know how to rock her dreadlocks! I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to feature a dreadlocked hairspiration but hey, we’ve set things straight now.

Photo courtesy of lastplanetolagos

Unless otherwise indicated, all photos courtesy of Asa’s website, and Asa’s flicker stream. Check out more pictures here.
Couldn’t resist adding this video to the post!

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