Out and About: Mutinta

Recently, I attended a friend’s Kitchen Party. This is a function somewhat similar to a bridal shower, but focused on equipping a bride-to-be with all the necessary kitchen items. Usually, a Kitchen Party is an opportunity to check out the latest fashions in chitenge outfits (made from African print fabric). However, since starting this blog, I find myself also drawn to hairstyles, especially those which are attractive and make an effort not to be boring. So, I was very pleased to be standing behind a lady with a very funky hairstyle.

While jostling to take good shot of the bride, I put my camera aside to take a closer look at her hair style.

I sneaked this one during the opening prayer

Her name is Mutinta, and she graciously agreed to allow a stranger to take her picture and put it up on the internet.

It’s a kind of braid-hawk style, I think

I love the combination of criss-cross braids on the sides and curls on the top

The view from above



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