My Two-Strand Twists

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was about to do my first hairstyle – the two-strand twists and then do a subsequent twist out.

The twists came out perfectly. They were pretty small, but very neat. My hairdresser showed me how I can do them on my own. I hope to try this soon, once I am done with my weave experiments.

This was Valentines Day 2011 — two weeks into the style. The time when I was due to take them down. 

I kept them for about three weeks, which was longer than the advised two weeks. I did this for two reasons:

1. I felt lazy to take them out
2. It was still looking quite neat.

This was the night after I put them in
I love how they look like thick, juicy finkubala – a Zambian delicacy. In English, this is a particular breed of caterpillar. Not all types are edible 

So, what did I learn? I understand why the two-strand twist is one of the staple styles in the natural hair repertoire. It is quick and easy and funky and smart at the same time. I love it. Keeping them in for a long time resulted in my hair being a little more tangled than it should have been. This leads to a danger of breakage. So, I would not leave them in for more than ten days to two weeks next time.


8 responses to “My Two-Strand Twists

  1. The hair really looked good, you looked good. I find this style to be my most liberating. I do these on my own although the first time I went to an hairdresser. You are right, cannot keep these for more than two weeks.


  2. Thanks both@MissBwalya – I am still searching for a good video that shows how to do this very clearly and simply. I have downloaded several funky twists styles onto my phone, ready to show my hairdresser exactly how to do it. Technology can sometimes be awesome


  3. Your hair is beautiful! My tst is being done by my daughter tomorrow and I'm excited…my hair is usually limp/thin in the top so we may weave in a bit of extension to five the twist fullness at the top…any suggestions will be appreciated.


  4. @Muna — I hope you have done your tst by now. My only advice would be that depending on why your hair is thin on top, adding extensions may further weaken/stress already weak hair, causing it to thin out even more. Just be sure not to add to much hair, not to wear it too tightly and not to leave it in for too long. Please share pictures if you can:


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