Natural Hair’s Best Friend – An Open Mind

I’m back! 

My last few posts, alarmed some people. Thank you to all who wrote to encourage me. I was feeling kind of overwhelmed with everything and I was suffering from information overload. 

Nevertheless, finally, I have escaped from the Slough of Despond – described on the The Free Dictionary as ‘a mental state characterized by a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity’. 

I was in a slight depression. Nothing serious, but enough to basically make me unable to write or do anything for about two weeks (related to the blog that is. The rest of my life continued with business as usual.

Thank you to my faithful comrade, iNkY for keeping things going.

So, what have I been doing and thinking that sent my mind into overdrive? Reading, reading and even more reading. The more I read, I realise, the less I know. I almost feel like doing the (BC) Big Chop again, and starting over, Partly because of the freedom of a TWA, but also so that I can do things properly (or rather, better) this time around.

Anyway, I won’t go to such extremes. I will say that it is never to late to start taking care of your hair and by extension, yourself.

The last few weeks have taught me that I really need to have an open mind about my natural hair. I have thought a lot about myself, my natural hair journey, my motives and motivation for this blog, as well as my hair goals. I have reaffirmed that I am not a nappy hair mafioso. At the same time, I am more convinced than ever that I would rather go bald, than ever relax my hair again. I will explain why I would never relax my hair again in another post one day.

I think I have also come to accept what is on my head and be happy with it and to learn to work it, rather than wishing I had someone else’s hair. Honestly, I never thought that Going Natural would lead to as much introspection as I have gone through since starting this blog.

Has any of this made sense? Don’t worry, I will be clearer next time.


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