Hairspiration: Ty Bello

Ty Bello is a Nigerian recording artist, makeup artist and photographer with a gorgeous mane of natural hair. I have yet to see any proclamation of why she is natural and in all honesty that does not matter. She wears her hair well and looks fabulous. She does say in an interview with Hi Magazine that she makes a point to take care of her hair. This week’s natural and hairspiration: Ty Bello.

I really love her new single, The Future. Although written about Nigeria, its message resonates for all Africans.
More photos of the lovely Ty Bello.

Photos from Hi Magazine, courtesy of Ty Bello Photography.

5 responses to “Hairspiration: Ty Bello

  1. It's amazing what you can do with your hair with a few tricks. Ty talks about taking very good care of her hair and it's true you can 'tame' the kink in your hair with a good conditioner and moisturizer.To get the texture that she has in her hair, you can twist your hair in medium-sized sections the night before, sleep with it that way and the next morning, loosen the twists and then using a pick, create volume and removing the partings made while sectioning the hair. The thing with hair is that you can actually train it to do what you want but it requires patience on your end and consistency.


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