Eat Shea and blog about it

About two weeks ago, a housemate came home with a small collection of interesting looking fruit that she swore to me was edible. Shea. So I tried it and documented the experience. 

Not a particularly interesting fruit to look at. But there’s the baby foot I forgot to crop out. 

It had a semisweet taste with a sort of plant based hybrid of foam-like, cotton-candy-esque texture. It wasn’t my favorite but clearly someone disagrees with my assessment.

Didn’t let her have any. I’m immune to cute baby/puppy dog eyes.

The shea seed, also known as shea nut. Most fruits have 1 seed but some have two.

Shea nut (seed) is dried and processed to create shea butter.

I would probably eat this fruit again but I don’t think I’ll be craving it any time soon. 


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