Afro – the down side

First published August 2011

In my last post on the up side of afros, I shared about how much my confidence has grown. However, I have also been given pause for concern. As my hair grows, the afro will become less and less practical. In fact, I decided to go back into the ZedHair archives (only four months back to April 2011) to read what I had to say then.

My conclusion is that Afros are addictive. Why? Because you look and feel awesome when you wear one. I have already said this and this means that you end up sacrificing growth retention in order to get the tangled mess on your head detangled. Of course, this is after you have looked mighty awesome for a few days.

The main lesson that I learned was that I should NEVER EVER skip the stretching of my hair. This means that a wash and go past the three to four inch stage is a big no no. If you are serious about retaining length in your hair, it is just not worth it, no matter how rushed you are. My hair is now between six and eight inches long depending on where on my head you measure. And yet, shrinkage brings my hair down to about 2.5 inches.

I am not saying that I will never wear my hair in an Afro again, what I am saying is that I will have to take more time to stretch the hair than before. Also, I will not be able to wear it for as many days as I have been doing (up to a week). The reason is because I am serious about retaining my growth and reaching 12 inches by the end of next year. Yes, I said it! 12 inches. Just watch me…

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