Protective Style Challenge: Week 31; Curly Mop Top

Now I remember why I used to spend so much time in mini twists in the first two years that I was natural, they take so long to install that you really want to make the most of them. This is my fifth week with the twists and I’ll keep them in for at least one more week if I can get away with it.

Week 1 of my mini twists

Week 1 of my mini twists

Refreshing My Scalp

 A couple of weeks ago I was asked how I refresh my scalp in between washes. Well, firstly, I don’t tend to use heavy products and never really apply anything directly onto my scalp so I’m less likely to have product build-up. Secondly, I make sure to spritz my hair in between washes. This season, I’m mostly using a mixture of water and aloe vera juice in my bottle. If I find that for some reason I have product build up and wash day isn’t on the horizon then I may use a mixture of apple cider vinegar, honey and water. I spritz the mixture directly on to my scalp and rub with the pads of my fingers.

This Weeks Style

The twists have started to loosen up at the bottom with all the styling, moisturising and washing. My hair looks almost like just a curly fro rather than individual twists.

One of my favourite go to hairstyles is a high puff. I like to thing of it like a mop top; Messy, yet oddly elegant too. There’s something about it that looks like you’ve made much more of an effort than you actually have. I felt like a high puff would be perfect because it would disguise the loose base of the twists and really show off the curls.


I washed my hair over the weekend with a herbal cleanser called Chiswita, applied my leave in conditioner and sealed with avocado oil. For the first time since I went natural I used a brush to smooth down my edges a bit. I then used a band cut from a pair of old tights; stretchy so that it isn’t too tight.


We love curly hair in these parts and everyone has been trying to figure out how I did it.






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