Frizzy Hair? A Few Tips To Help

By Rumbi of

And then my hair can just become so frizzy because “it” wants to… 🙂

In this picture here, it may not clearly show but my hair had just tuned out, doing whatever was on “its” mind. When it frizzes, there really isn’t much I can do. I just can’t style it.


And boy is it annoying to try and work with frizzy hair. Here are a few tips to help avoid that kind of drama…

-Protein Treatments
-Good conditioners
-Natural oils, e.g Argan oil (but careful, it could dry up your hair, so use sparingly)
-Don’t overwork your hair…too much manipulation can cause frizziness
-heat up a cup of olive oil and wear a shower cap or plastic bag for 40 minutes. Wash out with a shampoo or co-wash
-Mayonnaise and Avocado deep conditioner
-Apple Cider Rinse…really good for getting rid of build up and also leaves hair with a shine
-get rid of all split ends
-I make my last Apple Cider Vinegar rinse cold, a cold ACV rinse or just plain water rinse helps with sealing in moisture and gives the hair a nice shine
-dry with an old t-shirt instead of a towel.
-no brushes
-use a satin/silk hair bonnet and/or pillow

I hope you will find these helpful. Little changes in your hair care regimen can really go a long way in achieving great results and enjoying your hair.

Here are a couple of pictures with my dear daughter, enjoying our frizz free hair out in the sun…


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