Protective Style Challenge: Week 22; Twisted Mohawk


Every new natural should be part of either an online forum or have some sort of network of support. I big chopped in September of 2011 but only started actively taking care of my hair and understanding the reasons behind certain practices when I joined an online forum called Zedian Naturals. There is something about seeing what other people are going through in pictures and being able to share common experiences that really transforms the natural hair journey from a trudge to something a lot more pleasant.

This week’s hairstyle was inspired by one that was shared on an online forum that I am a member of.


Join the ZedHair Forum on Facebook for advice and camaraderie.

Zedhair Forum Facebook cover

The eagle eyed among you will notice that this is basically last week’s style let down.


I’m sticking to longer term styles but I did decide to try making the flat twists on the side smaller and I think I’m getting better at them if I do say so myself.


I basically unravelled each of the chunky flat twists and divided them in two.



I did plan on only having this style for another week but we’ll see how well this new set of flat twists hold up.



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