Protective Style Challenge: Week 18; Curly Twists


This week is all about the curls. My twists are starting to look a little bit worn so I decided to curl them up to distract from that and jazz them up a little.

I washed my hair over the weekend; a one step, wash and condition with an African herb cleanser that I’ve been trying over the last few weeks. I applied a leave in conditioner and sealed with mongongo oil. I used flexi rods to curl the hair, installing on Sunday evening and unravelling in the morning. I curled three twists at a time.


I used orange flexi rods. Placed each rod at the base of the twists and rolled the twists downwards around the rod to create in a spiral shape.

Separating the three twists for a fuller look.

Separating the three twists for a fuller look.

I decided to make the front a little bit interesting by rolling a small section in the bang area and pinning it to the side.


Pinning the little bang down.

I added a couple of cowry shells to two twists at the front.


Each shell has a hole through which you pull the twist.

I got the cowry shells from the city centre. If you live in a sub-Saharan African city, or have ever visited one, you’ll know that the streets tend to be the domain of street vendors; people who sell everything from food to electronic goods. I always stop to browse through the second hand books. Last week, I was perusing one stand when a man with locs came up behind me. “Ba Sister!” he exclaimed, “I also have these”. Usually, when someone comes up to you in this manner, they whip out some perfume as soon as they have your attention so I was expecting some similar sort of contraband. Turns out he was selling cowry shells. He obviously decided that I looked like just the sort of person who would want to put them in my hair and he was right. I love them!


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