Protective Style Challenge: Week 17; Rolled Up Twists


I often look at the intricate styles created with locs these days and wish I could try them. I’m not quite ready for the permanence of locs so I decided to try and see if I could achieve similar results with my twists.


I found this picture on Pinterest and wanted to try something similar.

 I’ve been moisturising my twists during the week by spritzing with water, applying leave-in conditioner and sealing with a mixture of oils. I’ve done this four times since I installed them last weekend. I haven’t washed my hair but I’ve refreshed my scalp by cleansing with a mixture of honey, apple cider vinegar, water, jojoba oil and peppermint oil.

I started by rolling sections of the twists upwards adding about two twists at a time as I went. I ended up with five rolls and secured each of the sections with bobby pins.




You have to play around with the placement a bit if you want to disguise the pins. I left the other side to sort of cascade down the side of my face but you can keep pinning and have a complete updo.



This style literally took about 5 minutes to complete. You can create smaller sections if you don’t mind spending a little more time.


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