Roll Tuck and Pin, Let the Camera Roll

By Rumbi of

So this is my hair pictures’ story these days…

I live in a house full of “boys.” And they all seem to hate pictures. So you can imagine how annoyed they are each time we are about to get out and I say, oh Munya, may you please take a picture of me. It ANNOYS the life out of them. But me..I feel like each time I have a good hair thing going on, or am just dressed up, I should take a few pictures. And these days with this hair blogging thing I really want pictures taken. I can’t just come and say, oh my dear friends, I wore the loveliest hairstyle today. I rolled, pinned and tucked the hair. Of course that doesn’t work. So I do need pictures.

And no one ever tells me if a tag is out, if I’m wearing one ear-ring, or if my lip gloss is smudged beyond my lip line. At times pins are showing when they shouldn’t. Or there’s a stray hair flying freely in the back. If I don’t check well in the mirror before the quick photo shoot, I’m done for. Oh, and the lighting may be off the whole time I’m getting the “shoot” and no one will even notice. And I don’t always get re-takes. It’s drama I tell you.

Anyway, I shall always take pictures, even with people frowning. And please forgive me when I post lots of them. After what I go through to have them taken I feel I must use them all 🙂

For this hairstyle, I had a twist out that did not look the same on the two sides of my head. I tried to do this and that and in the end I thought why trouble myself. So I fluffed the hair and smoothened it well enough for this kind of styling. I took some shea butter and rubbed on the hair just enough. (can’t use much, as it will go to my scalp and give me grief). I also sprayed a little of my oil concoction. (coconut oil and olive oil). I rolled, pinned and tucked into seven “balls” with three in front, 1 at the centre and three at the back. My hair quickly frizzes out if I work on it a lot and that is what was beginning to happen in the back. And I hate using gels or brushes so sometimes I just endure a not so perfect look here and there :)…

I loved it! Here are a “few” pictures… 🙂

I also just have to say…I love my photographer dearly, and I am forever grateful. (I feel this sentence was necessary after re-reading post) 🙂 🙂 🙂


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