Length Check Schmeck; why the fuss?

By Chiteu of http://www.bellamufazi.tumblr.com

I was having a chat with my friend Masuka and we got to the topic of length checks. Last year I planned to do a length check in December and lo and behold December is about to roll around again and I stiiiiiill haven’t done it lol

As we spoke we both realised that length is no longer an issue for us really. I know some will say it’s because you have achieved length or whatever your goal may have been but to be completely honest I had a goal length, I have not reached it but I can’t be bothered because I am simply enjoying my hair.

In as much as length retention is cool, healthy hair has become more important and the length that comes with good hair practices is a bonus.

I have to admit at some point this year I contemplated big chopping again just to show those getting frustrated with their TWAs that its more about how you care for your hair, tweeking and fine tuning your regimen to suit your hair needs and wearing your hair loud and proud. Ever since I stopped caring so much about length I feel like my hair has actually retained length and is longer. I am staying out of my hair more,doing more protective styles, baggying….all of which are good hair practices which now = length.

Focusing on length puts unnecessary pressure on you and will only lead to frustration.

So to all of you that are trolling the web *and especially Pintrest* drooling, sighing heavily and dreaming about the day your hair will be waist length,be kind to your hair, learn and practice good hair habits. Most importantly ENJOY  YOUR HAIR!!!!!


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