Protective Style Challenge: Week 7 Twists & Turns

There was a time when African natural hair blogs were few and far between. The majority of blogs and on line personalities are still predominantly African American but it’ s nice to see the community of African bloggers  who are writing from within the continent growing.

This week’s hairstyle was inspired by one such blogger. Yellowsisi is a Nigerian blogger who posted this hairstyle online a couple of weeks ago. It was picked up by @MyAfricanHair on Instagram and I decided to give it a go.


Yellowsisi from Nigeria


I didn’t have time to wash my hair over the weekend but I did want to re-moisturise while still retaining the stretch from the curlformer set last week. On Saturday night I tied my hair into a puff and sprayed water on the hair in the puff, leaving the roots dry. I placed a plastic bag over the end of my hair over night and applied my leave in conditioner followed by shea butter the next morning. This morning my hair was moisturised but still stretched.

Step 1: Part your hair at the ear so that the front is smaller than the back.

Twists and Turns (36)


Step 2: Plait flat twists across the back of your head, alternating the direction of the twists as you go. If the first flat twist is plaited left to right then the next one up should be plaited in the opposite direction. I have a total of 4 flat twists as I was going for a chunky feel; you can have more or less flat twists according to your taste and length of hair.

Twists and Turns (23)

Step 3: Pin the ends of each twist so that you end up with rounded, rectangular shapes.

Twists and Turns (28)

Step 4: This really is about free styling and how you decide to do this bit depends on what you want your pompadour to look like. You may have noticed by now I like mine swept to the side. I plaited a small flat twist at the front, a big chunky flat twist behind that one and two 2 strand twists. I then played around with the twists and pins to achieve my desired look.

Twists and Turns (7)

Twists and Turns (15)

Twists and Turns (52)

Step 5: Add an accessory and you’re good go!



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