Locs at a Wedding; Prue’s Natural Hair Story

Written by Rumbi a ZedHair contributor and blogger at Everything A Mum

Today we have Prudence Doma-Mujuru sharing with us her journey and way of taking care of her natural hair. Enjoy.

Prudence says:

I have been natural hair wise since 2005. I just got weaves and weaves until I had natural growth. In 2006 I just left the office with this big mane of hair and came back with a chic cut, almost bald. I grew it for a while and 1 July 2006 I started dreadlocks. I have very kinky African hair so in no time the locks started to grow. The goal was to have the locks for only 2 years but well 5 years down the line I had 50cm locks. I trimmed them once a year because sometimes my hair grows like wildfire. I had to be brave again on 23 Sept 2011, just like early 2006 I walked out of the office over lunch and came back with almost another bald. I then rocked zulus in my head for a while, and they make the easiest, no cost hairstyle ever. I just use a wet towel and rub in any direction and I am good to go. I love it. I went natural because it makes me feel myself as a strong African woman and I thought the relaxer had some unknown side effects which would manifest years later and yuck, all those smells.

Companies in Zim are starting to embrace these modern changes. When I first got locks, after about 10 months one hater lady told the HR boss and I was asked to remove them. I put up a case and sited international executives. It didn’t work immediately as I had to endure 6 months of covering them up with weaves which was not so cool as it broke my hair at the back. But it just took a new MD who just said, “Prudence, this natural look is really good, why do you cover it?” And yah the rest was history.


Good morning Prudence, how are you?
Hey Rumbie, I am blessed

Okay let’s get right to it. How long have you been natural?

It’s been, lets see… since 2005 so 9 years

Going back, what do you think made you go natural? What was that thing, or that incident that got you saying, never again? I abandon these chemicals. I shall be a natural hair diva from this moment on?

I got this feeling that these chemicals would have some irreversible side effect in the future. It was a heavy thought. I had been using chemicals for about 9 years and I started to feel not quite original.

What is your hair regimen right now? What products do you use? What do you do to your hair everyday…that sort of thing?

I kept dreadlocks for 5 and half years then I wanted a fresh new look so I cut my hair and am now keeping “zulus” (u know that movie there is a zulu on my stoep; the main actor had this uncombed look, well its now very fashionable espe in Southern Africa).

I don’t use any chemical because I have hair that generates its own moisture. But I do wash it once a week. All I need to do every day is to take a wet towel and sort of swirl or just light rub my hair in an orderly manner and am ready to go (not even a single cent spent!!!!!. (This is for the zulu look)

What’s your favorite hair product; as in what do you swear by?

With locs I loved Jabu Stone products, which are made from South Africa and are very good for natural locs. I love Dark and Lovely’s cholesterol for oil treatment and I recommend use once every 6 weeks. I am not exposed to many of these products on the market so I can’t swear by anything.

Do you cut your hair often, and why?

I cut my hair in 2006 from about 35cm to almost bald. That was really brave but I couldn’t comb my hair since it’s really far from soft. With locks I would trim once a year except when I was pregnant when I had to do it more because the hair was growing too fast. I just cut my hair in September to less than a centimeter but its now 5cm. so its not as often and the reason is to remain fresh and for my pride (hair is a woman’s pride and if u are not comfortable in your own hair you will never be comfortable in anything else)

 What are the No’s or Don’ts when it comes to your hear?

I am creative as long as it doesn’t involve hectic chemicals and weird colours. No hectic chemicals and weird colours for me.

 What do you love the most about your hair?

I look good in any hairstyle. I absolutely love that. I also love that my hair is very afro which means I can keep a style for sometime.

Lastly, please tell me anything fantastic (could be about yourself) that you’d want to share with the world…anything.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made by GOD! I am a complete woman. And on the hair note, I think I will have dread locks again!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prue-17 Prue-22 Prue-28



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