Natural Spotlight: News Anchor Chilufya Mumba Mwelwa

This week the spotlight is on ZNBC News Anchor and Producer Chilufya Mumba Mwelwa.
Where in Africa are you from?
Am from Zambia, central Africa.
Where are you currently based?

Am currently living in Lusaka

When did you decide to go natural?

I Decided to go natural in 2011 but had no idea how to manage my hair so I kept my hair in either weaves or braids.

What has been your experience having natural hair and being in the public eye so far?

My hair Journey has been very interesting, first i had to get used to the fact that my hair was part of me and whether i liked it or not, whether i had a weave or not it will always be on my head only after i did that did i have the courage to walk out of the house with natural hair. I am learning what my can and cannot do everyday, being in public eye and having to always be around with my hair was scary at first but because i am okay with my hair, i took it one day at a time.

I have received some funny comments from people like “when are you going to the salon?” or “why would you go on Tv with kinky hair naiwe! with Brazilian hair all over the place?” while others are like “I love your hair” and “i will stop watching the news if you treat your hair” so its been 50/50.
Well with help of the Zed Hair and Zedian Naturals teams on Facebook I have been able to learn more about products and techniques of how to care for and style my hair.
What is your hair regimen?
I wash/co wash my hair every weekend with TN shampoo and TN conditioner,  when styling I spritz with my oil mix of coconut, Avocado, rosemary, tea tree and Jojoba oil with some honey. I deep condition every two weeks with natural yoghurt mixed with honey or avocado mixed with egg and a table spoon of honey and a dazzle of coconut oil.
I usually plait fikutis when going to bed just to make my hair much easier to manage in the morning, oh and I sleep in a little silk scarf that helps maintain all the moisture at night.
What are some of your favourite hairstyles? 
The fact that my hair is not that long yet…Lol. (so ambitious) means that I don’t have many options to play with, so I usually love rocking the Mohawk with bobby pins or little flat twists holding the hair in the sides.
Sometimes I love rocking my TWA stretched with fikutis the previous night or simply just a wash and go.
When I get the time, I Bantu note my hair and unravel in the morning  creating a nice little kinky curly Afro.
Any future plans/dreams for your hair? 
Future plans for my hair ? Well I just wanna have nice healthy hair.
Any advice to those considering going natural?
Any one thinking of going natural ..first accept your hair for what it is and that it is unique because you are too.. then just let go and discover what it can, ask if you feel lost especially about products.
What advice would you give to a young woman thinking of embarking on a career in the media industry?
Getting into the Media like any thing else, one needs to have love and passion for it, know why you are going in for it and just conquer. I know that many people say there is no money in journalism but if you know why you are doing it and have the zeal for it the benefits are immense. Also just be real and don’t try to be someone you are not be authentic and original.
How do you fell about being considered a role model to young girls are not used to seeing representations of themselves on TV?
I really love the fact that when I am on TV, in my own little way I make other young people want to be better or be like me. Its important for young girls and boys to have role models that can in some way, steer them in a direction that is positive because God help us we do need that in our societies.I grew up looking up to my own role models and they helped me be who I am today.



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