Tracking what works

I’ve recently been having problems with dry hair as I work to finesse my hair regimen. I know it’s product driven, and in particular the moisturisers I have been using. As I was troubleshooting this with Masuka’s help, it dawned on me that I’m missing a key element in this journey – tracking what works.When I first started getting serious about my hair care, I kept something of hair journal where I would outline what I had done with my hair from week to week, to see what was working and what wasn’t. It was quite simple and ended up being quite effective because it helped me really understand my hair and its responses to different stimuli. In a nutshell, I could focus on what was working.

I need to get back to that. This will save me the frustration of using products and techniques that don’t work, and money as well, as I won’t be running to buy new ‘miracle’ products when I already have in my possession items that do work.
For anyone curious about what my hair journals read like here’s an example. Please note this was a year ago, while my hair was still relaxed but the principle is the same.
4/1/10 – deep conditioned overnight with 10 en 1 Conditioner. Rinsed and applied Parnevu leave-in to entire hair shaft, paying particular attention to roots and hairline. When almost dry, applied Silk Infusion to strands and blow dried.
Verdict – minimal breakage and soft. Results of flat ironing pending…
6/1/10 – moisturised with Mango Crème. Still haven’t flat ironed. Hair still feels soft, and has minimal breakage.
Does anyone else do something similar? How does it work for you?

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