Gym Hair…

By Rumbie of

I hate hair hustles, I really do. And for that reason, I don’t let my hair bother me much. Since I’m on a quest to get into better shape in these first few months of the year, the gym has had to become my friend. Well, let me be honest and say hubby has had to drag me to the gym ( I can’t leave the house, I just can’t) So, yeah, he drags me there kicking and screaming, but once you’re there what can you do…you’ve got to exercise. And exercise makes you sweat (if you are  really doing something, that is), and sweat does things to this my natural hair. So to avoid the craziness that comes with dealing with my hair after exercise, I keep it in twisties, thick, loose ones. I then braid them down towards the back and what I get is a decent hair style (by my standards).  I can go and drop off the kids looking like this and walk to the gym without getting funny looks from strangers. The best part is coming back home and showering without worrying about dealing with the hair afterwards. After my shower, the twisties would have shrunk a little but that does not matter. If I braid them down again they somewhat regain their length and if I must go somewhere, and  I need to have a lovely hairstyle I just unravel my well washed twisites and work the hair into some lovely hairstyle. So yeah, I really don’t have natural hair headaches. I just hear about them from nextdoor (smiles)

Her are some pictures that I took yestermorning:















Oh yeah, let’s BURN the fat now!


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