Style Guide – Turban Tie

A few weeks ago, we had a Natural Spotlight featuring our new contributor, Sibongile. In that post, she had a great hairstyle which I immediately fell in love with and simply had to try.

Turban Tie

So, this is my first attempt at a turban tie, which I decided to do on a twist out:

I had to tie it twice and quite tightly to get it to stay on

1. The night before my twist out, I sprayed my moisturising spritz (water, aloe vera juice, natural oil), oiled the ends and then covered it with a satin scarf and slept. 2. In the morning, I put a few drops of oil on my hands before undoing the twists, starting from the ends. 3. I tied the back of my hair in a loose ponytail. This was so I wouldn’t have a big bump from a high and tight ponytail. 4. Then I wore a satin scarf over the part of my head that would be covered with a cotton scarf. This was to protect my hair from the drying effects of the cotton. 5. I tied the scarf using the turban method in this video from Naptural85:

For those with slow internet speeds/low bandwidth issues. you basically fold the square scarf into a triangle and place the folded edge at the back of your head and tie the two long ends together twice, over the short point of the triangle. 6. Roll and tuck the pointy triangle over the knot and then tuck the two ends underneath it as well. I tied mine on the side because I had the front out. Et voila!

Extra vanity shot of me experimenting with a self portrait in the mirror


1. As noted by Sibongile in her post, you don’t have to take down all the twists, braids or fikuti in your hair to do this. I did because I knew I wouldn’t have time the next day, based on the style I was going to do after the turban tie. I was just planning ahead. 2. I NEVER and I repeat never put wool directly onto my hair. Sometimes, I will wear a cotton duku  (head wrap) if I have over oiled my hair and need to get it off quickly. This works because cotton sucks/absorbs a lot of the moisture (or grease in my case) from the hair. I will usually wear a satin scarf, durag or bonnet underneath any form of duku, beret, beanie or hat of any kind, especially if I am going to wear it the whole day. Even when working out with a bandana, I will have a satin durag underneath (but this is more because cotton does not work for me in minimising frizz). Also, I don’t think it is necessary for everyone to be as particular as I am about this, but this is a practice based on my own experience that works for me. Plus, I have so many satin scarves and durags and bonnets for the various occasions and hair styles that it works for me.

Hairspiration – Sibongile’s Original Turban Tie



4 responses to “Style Guide – Turban Tie

  1. Would love to have natural hair. Question is. How do I convert to natural hair from treated without cutting everything off.


    • Hello decipher…
      You can do what is calling transitioning. It is simply stopping any chemical straightener applications and allowing the relaxed/treated/permed ends to be grown out. As your new growth comes in, the ends are gradually trimmed off. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask 🙂


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