Quest for the Perfect Product – FREEMAN PAPAYA AND LIME CONDITIONER (Review)

Everyone knows that the best moisturising conditioner available in Zambia is TRESemme Naturals (TN) silicone free conditioner. What! You don’t know?! Where have you been hiding? TN is available in almost all major supermarkets and if you go to the right outlet it is great value for money.

There seems to be some sort of conspiracy against natural haired ladies in the supermarkets, either that or someone out there is hoarding conditioner. Natural haired ladies are on TN watch buying conditioner whenever they can and simpering in corners when it runs out.

I’ve decided that this state of affairs cannot continue and have been scouring the shelves for an alternative, while guards look on suspiciously waiting to pounce at the first sign of trouble. I’ve found something! Freeman Papaya conditioner has been on my radar for a while now. Drum roll please, it doesn’t have any silicones. Don’t go getting too excited; it does have parabens and a preservative that gives me some pause for thought. Nevertheless there is great need and I have decided to try it.

Freeman Papaya and Lime Conditoner

Freeman Papaya and Lime Conditoner



The ingredients are OK. I’m not convinced of the efficacy of papaya for hair health. It feels a bit like I’m putting a fruit salad on my hair with the mango, lime, papaya and coconut. It kind of smells that way too. Barring the two parabens and DMDM Hydanton, I’m quite happy with the ingredients.


This is of utmost importance for a conditioner. Slip is great for detangling and we natural haired ladies definitely need that. This conditioner doesn’t have an awful lot of slip so if you’re like to detangle your hair while wet it might not be for you. You can however remedy the lack of slip by adding some oils to the conditioner so all hope is not lost.

How does it make my hair feel?

Well my hair feels OK. I can tell it’s definitely moisturised and it has some elasticity. I tried the conditioner as both a co wash and after my protein treatment. I wouldn’t use it to co wash again. My hair felt heavy, not refreshed at all. It worked far better after my protein treatment although I had to use an awful lot of it.

VERDICT – If anyone knows of a regular supply of Tresemme Naturals please, hook a sister up. This conditioner is OK but will not be replacing the current Holy Grail of silicone free moisturising conditioners.

3 out of 5


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