Quest for the Perfect Product


My stash of products I currently use, some that I can't throw or give away and a few that I'm still yet to try.

My stash of products I currently use, some that I can’t throw or give away and a few that I’m still yet to try.

I’m on a quest this year. I want to find the best products available in Zambia for natural hair. I know the argument; ladies on YouTube have long hair because they are based abroad and have access to all the best products. Of course, I don’t agree with this but. My hair is thriving on products that are available in most supermarkets, natural health stores, pharmacies and beauty stores. I’m not a product junkie. When I find something that works I stick to it, but for the purposes of this quest I’m going to try out products that I think, based on their ingredients may be good for natural hair and share the results with you. I’ll also be trying a number of oils and other ingredients that are indigenous to Africa. I’m hoping that by doing this I will enable you to have more product choices.

I’m going to rate every product I try out of 5 and let you know where you can find it. If you know of a product that you think I should try, send me an email . I love my hair and will only try products that are silicone, mineral oil and sulphate free.

Let the quest begin!


3 responses to “Quest for the Perfect Product

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